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Shoes and suitcases speak as eloquently—and as obliquely and uncertainly—as the reliable routines of the lowly ant.

It is as though the wandering children of Israel camp on the northern prairies to dream dreams of wild nature which has possessed the familiar cats, raccoons and small children! One might call this post-Darwinian theology.

I applaud his intriguing effort to rescue Christian natural theology from culturally-determined denunciations of the midth century. Contributors - Ephraim Radner. Our Imprints Explore our different imprints.

Christianity & the Shadow Side of Existence

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Exodus —15, John —10, 48— Leviticus , 30 ; Hebrews ; Leviticus —6, Hebrews —12 ; — Leviticus — Hebrews ; Doctrine and Covenants Numbers —9. John —15 ; Helaman — Jonah ; Matthew — Assign one or more students to study each set of scripture passages and to prepare to explain the Old Testament symbolism and how it points to Jesus Christ. After sufficient time, ask students to report what they discovered.

Why do you think all things have been created to represent or to symbolize the Savior? What is the value of continually seeking to discover how all things testify of Jesus Christ?

Syria: A Christian young woman in Homs comes of age in shadow of war

Make sure students understand the following principle: We can learn more about Jesus Christ as we come to recognize the imagery, types, and symbols that testify of Him. How has something that symbolizes the Savior strengthened your faith in Him? What could you do to recognize Christ in the symbols we have been given?

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Explain that this segment of the lesson will focus on a different aspect of the gospel of Jesus Christ that contains symbols and images of Christ. You may want to suggest that they mark what they find.

There are many elements of covenants and ordinances that are symbolic and teach about and lead us to Jesus Christ. McConkie —85 of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and ask a student to read it aloud:. What is a doctrine or principle taught in this statement?