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We are here for you. Want to know more about pregnancy, abortion, parenting, or adoption? Feeling like you have more questions than answers can be frustrating. Finding those answers will help you make an informed decision. Being overwhelmed makes it hard to know what to do next. Quick, easy and with a minimum of downtime - for FREE. It's meant for those who want a place of presence on the web.

Shared Hosting gives you only what you need for your website. With Shared Hosting you don't have to worry about server updates; your web hosting company takes are of all of that leaving you the ability to just focus on your website. You get a set plan with a specific amount of resources; usually chosen in mind of your expected growth. The differences comes down to resources and use-case. With Shared Hosting; you're on a set plan with specific limitations, only upgradeable by purchasing a larger package.

Dedicated Hosting is usually placed on Dedicated Servers for larger websites with large allocations of resources at their disposal. We built our shared hosting packages knowing that users would demand ultra fast response times and file transfers. So, we designed these plans with this in mind. We've avoided slow network storage, old hardware, aging network devices and instead gone with state of the art SSD drives, blazing fast network appliances and RAID, so that you have speed, security and maximum uptime.

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At KnownHost, low cost doesn't mean bad service. We've avoided slow network storage, old hardware, ageing network devices and instead gone with state of the art SSD drives, blazing fast network appliances and RAID, so that you have speed, security and maximum uptime. We use optimized Cloud Linux to create a secure shared hosting environment that seals and protects your instance from every other one on the server. The actions of another site won't negatively impact yours, guaranteed. Of course. We don't provide any second class services to any of our customers. Sure you will. So, we've included both of them in our shared hosting accounts.

We know that savvy site owners care about things like SEO and email marketing, plus the fact that both of these benefit from having their own IP address. This gives you a unique place of your own on the web. You can choose from PHP 5. Pick whatever is most secure, speedy and compatible with your specific application needs. We offer a day unconditional money-back guarantee.

You try and decide if it's right for you. Be sure to check out the thousands of reviews online before you become another satisfied customer. Check our reviews online - we have dozens of sites with reviews, thousands of them, filled with real words of praise from existing customers. Our reviews are outstanding because we commit the time and resources to build quality hardware, network and support teams. We've planned for your growth and made it a seamless migration path.

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We'll work with you on scheduling and make sure that you have the perfect plan to fit your needs without spending an arm and a leg. In fact, most charge you extra for basics like backups, firewalls, control panels or one click installers.

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You get cPanel control panel. You get Free SSL certificates. You get Softaculous one click installer with ready to go scripts. You get Imunify security. Free backups? Free migrations? One of the biggest weaknesses of most shared hosting is the fact that resources are pooled and shared amongst all the client accounts on the server. This is the problem of isolation — or lack thereof. KnownHost have taken over a year to design the perfect Shared Hosting — and a key component of that solution is the perfect isolation of client accounts. The easiest way for cheap hosting companies to make a buck is to give less than the minimum necessary resources, as standard, then charge extra to forcibly upgrade someone until they get the resources they need.

Even the basic shared plan at KnownHost include 5GB of storage with 1 domains and 5 emails — more than enough for a decent sized small business website. Anyone can offer unmanaged shared hosting.

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In fact, more companies offer this than any other hosting option, period. Unfortunately for business owners — management is one of those things they need more than any other hosting option, period. You just have to have support when you need it. As a small business owner, you have plenty of things in the day to keep you busy — to keep your mind occupied — and to worry about, without having hosting being one of those things.

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Leave the worries to the experts — and get a managed hosting package — you deserve it! Valuable insights for small to medium sized business owners, marketers, designers and site managers. Basic Shared Hosting. Standard Shared Hosting. Professional Shared Hosting. Shared Web Hosting Overview With our Fully Managed Shared Hosting plans built atop our state of the art cloud hosting platform you can get your top performing site up and running in no time flat.

Fully Managed Shared Hosting Completely different than our competitors shared web hosting, where accounts compete for resources and all operate from the same IP address bad for SEO and bad for email marketing - we've reinvented shared hosting the way it should be.

We Average Want Easy, Automated Backups? We Set Them Up Fully automated backup systems snapshot your installation, store off-server in case of disaster and can be deployed whenever they're required. What About a Satisfaction Guarantee? We Include Softaculous With included Softaculous, you can deploy a blog, ecommerce, or other of 's of packages, with the convenience of a single click. LiteSpeed Performance Backed by cPanel Control Panel We provide an easy to use management interface for your account backed by the industry leading control panel, cPanel.

Shared Hosting Features Premium features included with every package! General Features. Cloud Storage We've built our shared hosting platform on our state-of-the-art cloud platform. SSD Backed Backed by enterprise grade solid state drives.

Unlimited Bandwidth We don't want you to worry about keeping track of bandwidth so there are no bandwidth limits on our shared hosting packages. Moneyback Guarantee All new customers are eligible for our 30 day money back guarantee. Ultimate Performance Experience performance like no other. Free Migrations! Shared Hosting Performance Features. LiteSpeed Enjoy the fastest web server on the market. Cloud Based Experience rock solid performance in the cloud.

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Let us show you the difference today! Isolated Resources Tired of noisy neighbors causing problems for your website? Professionally Tuned Our engineers spend countless hours researching and testing to ensure that you receive the highest performance possible. Control Panel. Softaculous Need an app installed? Integrated File Manager Use the integrated file manager to easily update, move or delete files within your account.

Multiple Languages cPanel supports multiple native languages to make you feel right at home. Integrate Git Version Control Create and manage multiple Git repositories with the click of a button. Ultimate Reliability. Unbeatable Uptime Uptime is important which is why we go to great lengths to ensure your website is online all the time. Redundant Network We are backed by a fully redundant network to guarantee unbelievable uptime and reliability.

Massive Uplinks We don't skimp on capacity. Free Backups Complementary account backups included!