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Gray, and H. Receipt of cacti from Engelmann.

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Mexican monograph. Bandelier's son's expedition to Vera Cruz. Bandelier's archaeological studies. Sending Tuna cardona, Tuna cuija, Opuntia and Agave seeds. Description of lechuguilla , Palma. Description of uses and origin of 'Amolli. Results of snow on vegetation in Tierra Caliente. Sending specimens of Yucca and palms in roadworks between San Luis and Tampico. Meterological investigations of from San Luis Potosi.

Palmer and Mr. Bartholf, Dr. John H. Climate conditions. People : Capt. Barton, Edward Hall New Orleans, LA 3 Messages April 15, — January 10, Subjects : Climate and meteorological conditions in New Orleans particularly as related to yellow fever, cholera and heat related conditions, with climate records kept for Engelmann; report of the Sanitary Commission and reports for the Smithsonian. People : La Roche, Dr.

Transliterations and translations. Subjects : Cythis biology; cholera contagium "fraud"; Yucca pollination;Specimen exchanges and associated transport problems. University and city rebuilding. Health problems of family and friends. Baston, L. Captain, U. Mackay Subjects : Receipt of plant collections from the West. Baugh, Edwin. O'Reilly and on locating mineral phosphate in the West.

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Louis, MO 3 Messages September 3, — October 22, Subjects : Receipt of cacti and request for information on cultivation of pecan and black walnut trees in Germany. Pension Office; U. Quercus hybridization experiments. Engelmann's trip to San Francisco. Chapman - Bebb questions his Juncus determinations. Tatnall, Lindheimer, Mr.

Hall, Mr. Canby, Mr. Olney, Andersson, Hartweg, Dr. Beccari's resignation as director of the museum. Jacob aka James Heinrich Wilhelm Schiel. Desire to obtain butterfly specimen from St.

  • Biodiversity Heritage Library;
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  • Morphological and Cellular Aspects of Tail and Limb Regeneration in Lizards: A Model System With Implications for Tissue Regeneration in Mammals: 207 (Advances in Anatomy, Embryology and Cell Biology).
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Louis area. Problems with Natural History Society.

the Ziz are back. – Joshua S. Porter

Roder, Henry Bollander. Bendire, Charles Capt. Good descriptions of locale where collections made. Nez Perce campaign and court martial of Bendire. Yakima Indian tribe. Collection of skulls for Engelmann's son. Bennett, Mrs. Charles H. Warren Upham, Assistant to State Geologist, with descriptions of plants. Planchon's arrangement of Araliaceae in Revue Horticole.

Wright's notes on Hong Kong plants, e. Descriptions of Phoradendron as compared to Arceuthobium.


Extensive discussion of Coniferae. Plants : Euphorbiaceae. Haage and Schmidt Seedsmen and Mr. Bernays, Dr. Francis Jacob St. People : Mr. Edward Greene. August 2, — February 21, Subjects : Requests for material on Dr. Engelmann for planned publication "Progress of Botany in the U. Letter of Sept. George J. Engelmann, Jr.

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  5. An Edict Of Worms (The Book Of Ziz, #2) by Joshua S. Porter.
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  7. Vol IV. Plants : Musci collections sent to Mr. Gray, Dr. Torrey, Mr. Sullivant, Mr. Wright, Major Emory, Wislizenus' report, Dr.

    • Engelmann Papers, Missouri Botanical Garden - Biodiversity Heritage Library.
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    • Darlines Sexual Harassment: A woman fights a workplace predator.
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    Parry, Mr. Schott, Mr.

    Othello – Marrakesh to Porto

    Places : Leona Station, E. Whipple's party. Discussions of difficulties. Bigelow's map of cacti indicating sections and subsections and species by color.