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Long out of print, I really had to struggle to find a copy of this book.

Native Tongue (Elgin novel)

My daughter requested it for her birthday, you see, and I always like to give books as gifts. Anyway, just reading the cover blurb sold me, and the book itself is a true beauty of wonder. I highly recommend it! Oh, and I bought another book for my daughter's birthday Skip to main content. About this product. About this product Product Information It is the year and the women of Earth are once again property.


Two women, Nazareth and Michaela - one a brilliant linguist, the other a rebel servant - are destined to challenge the power of men. What neither woman reallses is that a revolution is already underway: women, hldden away in Barren houses, are slowly creating a language of their own to free them from men's control and make resistance possible for all women.

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As Michaela and Nazareth's worlds collide, each of their secrets threatens to reveal the presence of a women's native tongue. Rich in wry wit, fierce intellect, and faith in the subversive power of language, this book has become a cult classic since its first publication in Subtly weaving ideas about gender relations, power, technology, and consclousness Into her grlpping story, Elgin creates a stunningly original novel - the first book in the acclaimed Native Tongue trilogy.

Native Tongue: Questions & Topics For Discussion – Láadan Language

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Suzette Haden Elgin's Native Tongue. Elgin's heroines do, however, have one set of weapons--words of their own.

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  7. Elgin never makes the mistake of easy utopiansim or over-optimism. Her women revel in patience. I urge Native Tongue upon you.

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    Elgin Suzette Haden. Set in the twenty-second century after the repeal of the Nineteenth Amendment, the novel reveals a world where women are once again property, denied civil rights, and banned from public life. In this world, Earth's wealth relies on interplanetary commerce, for which the population depends on linguists, a small, clannish group of families whose women breed and become perfect translators of all the galaxies' languages.

    The linguists wield power, but live in isolated compounds, hated by the population, and in fear of class warfare. But a group of women is destined to challenge the power of men and linguists.

    Native Tongue

    Nazareth, the most talented linguist of her family, is exhausted by her constant work translating for the government, supervising the children's language education in the Alien-in-Residence interface chambers, running the compound, and caring for the elderly men. She longs to retire to the Barren House, where women past childbearing age knit, chat, and wait to die. What Nazareth does not yet know is that a clandestine revolution is going on in the Barren Houses: there, word by word, women are creating a language of their own to free them of men's domination.