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Customer-driven interaction represents a higher degree of interaction between the company and its different key customers.

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Often the company finds some Key Account managers, who have the responsibility of taking care of the one-to-one interaction between the firm and its key accounts customers. Viral Marketing is representing the version 1.

Download Interviewing Clients Across Cultures A Practitioners Guide

Social Media Marketing is representing the version 2. Here the company proactively has chosen to be a co-player in the discussion and blogging on the different relevant social media sites Facebook, Twitter etc. This also means that the company here tries to strengthen the interaction with the customers in a positive direction, in order to influence the customer behavior.

To do so, the company needs a back-up team of social media employees who can interact and communicate on-line with potential and actual customers. Consequently, this strategy is also very resource demanding. What are the 6Cs?

Content can take the form of e. To accelerate the viral uptake of its brand messaging, the company sometimes gives up the digital rights and blocks in order to encourage online community members to copy, modify, repost, and forward the content. The key point to this stage in the process is that the company the content creator must be willing, and even embrace, the fact that they no longer have full control over the content: it is free to be taken, modified, commented on, and otherwise appropriated by the community of interest.

Community: The company creates content and pushes it over the symbolic border of control like stated above to the other side, where a community of interested consumers now takes it up. At this point, communication becomes bidirectional.

Customers and Conversations: The ultimate expression of engagement occurs when a multitude of online conversations circle around the phenomenon and content. The 6C model distinguishes between the online community and potential customers, as the latter are usually a subset of the former. The online community may also include people who have heard of the Web-based initiative but not directly participated in it. Can you explain the four zones of social media?

Thus, social communities feature two-way and multi-way communication, conversation, collaboration, and the sharing of experiences and resources. Zone 2: Social Publishing sites help dissemination of content to an audience. The channels of social publishing include blogs, micro sharing sites, media sharing sites, and social bookmarking and news sites.

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Zone 3: Social Entertainment encompasses channels and vehicles that offer opportunities for play and entertainment. These include socially enabled console games, social games and gaming sites, and entertainment communities. Zone 4: Social Commerce refers to the use of social media to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services.

It is a subset of e-commerce, which is the practice of buying and selling products and services by the internet. How do companies measure the results of social media marketing?

Interviewing Clients Across Cultures : A Practitioner's Guide

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Family, Couple and Systemic Therapy. Gestalt Therapy. Grief and Bereavement. Group Psychotherapy. Individual Psychotherapy.

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Nonverbal Communication in Interviews. Building Bridges with People. Understanding and Addressing Reluctance.

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