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Red Phoenix Rising is an incredibly detailed and authoritative account of Soviet air war tactics, strategy, and engagements. This remarkable books strength is as a work of powerful, passionate, and serious history, not as just another casual aircombat collection. As war history, it is first rate. This is the best work so far on the topic, filled with facts and figures, sorties and missions, and battles and campaigns. No one studying the Russo-German War can afford to miss this. This new edition of a classic can now tell the story in full.

For anyone who wants to know what contribution the Soviet Air Force made to the grueling victory over Axis forces on the Eastern Front there is no better guide. It should dominate the field for decades. The saga of the Soviet air force, one of the least chronicled aspects of the war, marked a transition from near annihilation in to the world's largest operational-tactical air force four years later. Von Hardesty and Ilya Grinberg reveal the dynamic changes in tactics and operational art that allowed the VVS to bring about that remarkable transformation. Drawing upon a wider array of primary sources, well beyond the uncritical and ultra-patriotic Soviet memoirs underpinning the original version, this volume corrects, updates, and amplifies its predecessor.

In the process, it challenges many "official" accounts and revises misconceptions promoted by scholars who relied heavily on German sources, thus enlarging our understanding of the brutal campaigns fought on the Eastern Front. The authors describe the air campaigns as they unfolded, with full chapters devoted to the monumental victories at Moscow, Stalingrad, and Kursk. Author: Norman Longmate. Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing.

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Most experts declared similar weapons a scientific impossibility, but between and , more than a thousand of these rockets exploded down on British soil, killing nearly 3, people and injuring another 6, An absorbing story of war and science, this is the kind of serious history that entertains like the best kind of fiction. Title: The Battle of Burma. Author: Roy Conyers Nesbit. British India was threatened by the Japanese advance, the fate of the British Empire in the East hung in the balance.

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The tropical climate — dense malarial jungle infested with vermin and swept by monsoon rains — made the fighting, for both sides, a remarkable feat of arms. Yet the war in Burma rarely receives the attention it deserves. Roy C. Nesbit, in this highly illustrated account, traces the entire course of the campaign. In vivid detail he describes the British retreat and humiliation at the hands of the Japanese invaders in The Japanese were fanatical and trained in jungle warfare, well-equipped and backed with an overwhelming air power. The Allied response was to build up their forces on a massive scale — eventually over 1,, personnel were involved — and to train them to fight in the jungle conditions.

Their counter-offensive, launched in , culminated in the battles at Imphal and Kohima which turned the course of the conflict, and the reconquest of Burma was achieved just before the atom bomb was dropped. Title: The Venlo Incident. Author: S. Payne Best. Publisher: Frontline Books. In November , the Nazis used the so-called Venlo Incident as a pretext for invading the Netherlands.

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Best had been trying to contact German officers plotting against Hitler. The Netherlands had been an ideal ground for operations, because of its proximity to Germany and the fact that Dutch Intelligence was badly funded. When Best met the three agents including Walter Schellenberg he was carrying with him a list of British agents who were working in Europe. A Dutch intelligence officer who accompanied them, Dirk Klop, was fatally wounded. Best and Stevens were taken into Germany.

After their Berlin interrogation and torture they were taken to the notorious Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Hitler used the incident together with the Elser bomb plot as an excuse for war with the Netherlands, claiming their involvement with Britain violated their neutrality. As Nigel Jones explains, the incident was crucial in making the British suspicious of dealings with anti-Hitler resistance. Title: Stitching for Victory. Author: Suzanne Griffith. When the Second World War broke out, stitched items suddenly became absolutely vital. A massive production of uniforms and stitched equipment took over factories and raw materials while in the home every scrap of thread was utilised.

The stories in these pages are of weddings; parachute drops in the dead of night into enemy territory; lice and mud in the trenches; and, regimental insignia embroidered onto pyjamas until the men came home and secret stitched hidden from brutal guards. This gripping and unusual history offers a glimpse into the courage, endurance, ingenuity and skill of the men, women and children who struggled to survive wartime conditions at home and overseas, and through the hard years of rationing which followed.

Title: Assault on Germany. Author: Ken Ford. The clock had been put back to the days of the Great :huh:War — the Allies had arrived at the Siegfried Line and were forced to attack the fortifications from the hell of the trenches. Geilenkirchen was the first battle on German soil to be fought by the British since Minden in For them, it was just one more battle on the way to Berlin, but for the American 84th Division, it was a first faltering step into war and a bitter lesson in the attrition and savagery of combat. The story is told by the men who were there — the British, the Americans, and the Germans who were fighting desperately for their homeland.

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Neither side was victorious - both lost more men than they could afford and paid a heavy price in young lives for a few miles of ground. Title: We Were Young and at War. Publisher: Harper Collins. Never before have the diaries and letters of young people from all sides of World War Two been woven together to provide an account of what it was like to grow up amidst the daily struggles and horrors of this devastating war.

We Were Young And At War follows the stories of sixteen teenage boys and girls who write with a disarming directness about their reactions to and experiences of a very adult war. Only two of them are alive today. Some of them fought and died in the war, others starved to death; many were separated from their families. All were forced to grow up quickly, their lives changed beyond all recognition by their experiences. Author: Robert Kirchubel. Hitler's panzer armies spearheaded the blitzkrieg on the Eastern Front. They played a key role in every major campaign, not simply as tactical tools but also as operational weapons that shaped strategy.

Their extraordinary triumphs and their eventual defeat mirrors the fate of German forces in the East. And yet no previous study has concentrated on the history of these elite formations in the bitter struggle against the Soviet Union. Robert Kirchubel's absorbing and meticulously researched account of the operational history of the panzer armies fills this gap in the literature. And it gives a graphic insight into the organization, tactics, fighting methods and morale of the Wehrmacht at the height of its powers and as it struggled to defend the Reich.

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Using German sources, including many first-hand accounts seen for the first time in English, the author reconstructs the operations of the panzer armies from the launch of Operation Barbarossa in to the German collapse in May He follows each army and its men through the series of massive offensives and counteroffensives that swung across a vast front that stretched from the Baltic in the north to the Caucasus in the south. His study is a valuable addition to the history of the Nazi-Soviet conflict and to understanding the part played by armoured formations in the world war as a whole.

It is absorbing reading. Title: The Women's Land Army. This book brings together a wealth of black and white pictures which together record not only the operations of the Women's Land Army WLA but also scenes of the countryside between and Drawn from the worldwide albums of many ex-land girls at a time when film was rationed and photography monitored, this collection offers a fascinating insight into the people and places associated with the WLA.

Many of these photographs have never been published in book form and so offer a unique record of the organisation. Every image is captioned, providing names and dates where possible, and revealing historical anecdotal detail which gives life to the scenes and personalities captured through the camera lens. Presenting training, occupations and the social activities of the Land Army women, this absorbing collection will not only evoke many wartime memories, but will also inspire readers through these images of hope, strength and unity.

Title: Illingworth's War in Cartoons.

The Numbers Say it All - The Myth of German Superiority on the WW2 Eastern Front

Author: Mark Bryant. Leslie Illingworth was one of the most distinguished British political cartoonists of the 20th century and remains for many 'the cartoonists' cartoonist. Yet though his career spanned more than 50 years - longer than either of his great contemporaries Sir David Low and Vicky - very little has been published about his life and works. Some of Illingworth's best cartoons were published for the "Daily Mail" during the Second World War examples were even found in Hitler's bunker and this book collects together for the first time of his greatest to mark the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the conflict.

Illingworth joined the "Daily Mail" soon after the war started, and remained with the paper for 30 years. A superb draughtsman and an acute political commentator, he also drew weekly for "Punch" for two decades. The magazine's editor Malcolm Muggeridge even felt that his cartoons were better than Low's: 'Illingworth's go deeper, becoming, at their best, satire in the grand style rather than mischievous quips'.

A student under Sir William Rothenstein at the Royal College of Art during one of its most brilliant periods - fellow students included Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and Eric Ravilious - he left to become full-time political cartoonist on Wales' national paper, the Western Mail, at the age of only A founding member and the first President of the British Cartoonists' Association in , he was made an Honorary Doctor of Literature by the University of Kent in In addition he drew for American publications - including a famous cover for "Time" magazine - and was officially presented to US President L.

Johnson in This unique collection is divided into chapters covering the war year-by-year and the book draws extensively on archive material held at the National Library of Wales and only recently catalogued in association with the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent.

Red Phoenix Rising

It also contains the first biography of Illingworth based on unique access to hitherto unavailable family records. Publisher: Shire Publications. This is the story of the British soldier in the Second World War; a story of endurance through the long years of conflict, in theatres as diverse as Europe, the Western Desert, the Arctic and the Far East. It is the real story of the British Tommy, truthful and unglorified. With reference to military equipment, literature, art and ephemera, he conjures an image of what it was like to serve in the British Army during this gruelling war. He tells how troops would fight in the desert, on the long road that led to victory in Alamein, and of the battles against the Japanese in the Far East.

Title: A Pathfinder's War. Publisher: Grub Street.