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He gave his name as Shadi.

By nightfall, rumors continued to fly over culpability in the bombing. A post on a Web site of Al Jazeera , attributed to insurgents, predicted the attack 12 hours in advance. The page was later inaccessible.

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Hezbollah , a Lebanese militant group allied with the Syrian government, suggested that the United States had a hand in the bombing. Opposition figures condemned the government for providing no evidence that the attack was the work of terrorists, much less suicide bombers. Hussein, the opposition figure. It is hard for us to control the conditions of our lives and to know where we are heading.

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Shootings in Denmark

You are already subscribed to this email. News World U. If he's convicted, Marquez, who was arrested at p. ET , could face 15 years in federal prison on the terrorism charge and 10 years each on the two other charges.

List of terrorist incidents in Saudi Arabia

Bail will be set Monday, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for Jan. Attorney Eileen Decker stressed that there was, as yet, no evidence that Marquez took part in or knew about the resource center attack. But she said his purchase of the firearms and his failure to warn authorities about Farook's intention to carry out some sort of mass casualty attack "had fatal consequences.

In an affidavit accompanying the charges, the FBI disclosed that he is also believed to have bought explosive material used to build a pipe bomb found at the scene. In late , according to the affidavit, Marquez and Farook started planning to carry out terrorist acts designed to maximize casualties — including plans to attack the library or the cafeteria at Riverside Community College, where both men had been students.

They planned to throw pipe bombs from the second floor and then shoot people as they fled, the FBI alleged.

Enrique Marquez, Ex-Neighbor of San Bernardino Shooters, Charged

According to the affidavit, Marquez and Farook also planned to attack a section of State Route 91 during the afternoon rush hour — because there are no exits, which would trap more potential victims. Farook was then to walk down the roadway shooting into vehicles, the FBI said; Marquez was to be the lookout and shoot any first responders. According to the affidavit, Marquez told investigators he agreed to the ruse because "his appearance was Caucasian, while Farook looked Middle Eastern. Related: How the Rampage Unfolded.

In the first half of , Marquez and Farook continued plotting terrorist attacks, but later in the year, Marquez backed away for a variety of reasons, including the announcement of arrests in unrelated terrorism cases in November , according to the affidavit.

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The third charge — the sham marriage — is related to Marquez's wedding to a member of Farook's extended family so she could obtain legal U. Marquez moved to Riverside around , becoming next-door neighbors with Farook.

Investigators said Farook introduced Marquez to Islam, and Marquez converted in