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Barry Fitzgerald. May Robson. Ward Bond.

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Walter Catlett. In the morning, she persuades him to help her take care of a pet leopard named Baby that her brother has sent from Brazil. After David grudgingly agrees to drive Susan, with Baby in the backseat, to the Connecticut home of her aunt Elizabeth May Robson , a number of farcical events ensue. Eventually the pair winds up in jail, though they are soon released. Bringing Up Baby performed poorly at the box office and temporarily tarnished the reputations of director Howard Hawks and Hepburn, who had made her first foray into comedy with the film. Bringing Up Baby.

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The bar selling two types of lager, wine and - a sop to the pregnant - lemonade poured out of 1litre bottles, was a fold out table set up beside the decks. In a middle room, kids thumbed playdough into furniture joints while parents looked on, drinking a 3pm wine. It was, frankly, disorienting. This weekend, in something of a clunking gear change, I am going to a child free wedding.

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No flower girls, no babies howling through the vows, no toddlers zooming across the dancefloor on their knees. Due to space restrictions, the whole shebang will be as grown up as matching cutlery and twice as shiny. You either stick to your zone or you stay home.

It can sometimes feel to the cabin fevered and lonely parent that in Britain we divide our fun into two types: overheated chocolate-finger-nursery-rhymes-and-baby-shark mania or hard shoe, hard liquor, no children-allowed sophistication. The former makes my soul itch, the second is currently beyond my milk-chest reach.