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Where: Buy the box set on Amazon. Brilliant direction, script and acting. Hard to beat. Seasons: 5 Who: Dominic West , Idris Elba , John Doman What: Crime series set in Baltimore where each season demonstrates how the police force work alongside various elements of the community. Hailed by many as the greatest TV series ever made. Best for: A highly addictive drama that won't release you from its clutches Where: Buy the box set on Amazon.

The show centres around love, friendship, heartbreak and, yes, gossip. Warning: You will head over heels in love with the Motherchucker that is Chuck Bass. Best for: Lovers of teenage angst, New York City skylines and stylish wardrobes. Oh, and Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester has some of the best bitchy one-liners — take notes! Where: Stream all 6 season on Netflix or buy on Amazon. Seasons: 8 Who: Michael C Hall What: A forensic blood-splatter analyst by day, and a vigilante serial killer at night - this is one fantastically twisted and gory show.

So lots of hot men in leathers. Best for: A hard-drinking, rocknroll ride of a series - with added perving Where: Available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and in a box set.

100 Best Horror Books of All Time

Best for: Watching alone with a tub of ice-cream Where: Stream all 7 season on Netflix or buy on Amazon. Seasons : 9 Who: Keifer Sutherland What: There are 24 episodes per season, each representing one hour of a 24 hour period of hero Jack Bauer as he takes on the bad guys. Best for: Go on — do the 24 hours thing — we dare you! We had to wait for a week to pass till the next episode. You guys can gorge yourselves silly. Best for: Late-night binge sessions with an equally excitable buddy Where: Buy the box set on Amazon.

Best for: Fans of something a little more subversive Where: Buy the box set on Amazon. This is the best one yet.

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Which one will she choose? Best for: Eye candy. Where: Buy the box set on Amazon or stream it on Netflix. Seasons: 6 Who: Sarah Jessica Parker , Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon What: The lives and loves of our four favourite friends in the Big Apple has brought us so much joy — from the very first season, where the characters actually talked to camera, to the agonising 'Big or Aidan?

A true classic.

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Best for: Days when you need cheering up, or want fashion inspo Where: Buy the box set on Amazon. As the seasons unfold we learn more about her fellow inmates and their lives before they were banged up. Best for: Multiple kickass female characters Want more feminist shows to watch? We've found the best Where: Watch it on Netflix or buy the box set on Amazon.

Robin Wright-Penn is incredible as Claire, his equally scheming wife. Best for : Fast dialogue, amazing twists, improving your knowledge of US politics Where: Watch it on Netflix or buy the box set on Amazon.

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Best for: Horror lovers who want a decent storyline, too Where: Buy the box set on Amazon. Thanks to an epic script, handsome fellas and vats of coffee, this is one of the most enjoyable shows ever. Best for: A feminist series that smashes the Bechdel Test. Martin, GOT boasts a huge ensemble cast and a hugely complicated plot. Best for: Keeping your mind agile. As her Scooby gang grows witch, werewolf, vampire the character developments make it impossible to walk away from. Best for: Nostalgia. We recommend a second viewing.

And if it's your first time — lucky you! Best for: Regular fixes at first, for the general 'monster of the week' episodes. But as the plot arches develop — cancel everything Where: Stream it on Amazon Prime or buy the box set. Best for: Monday night distraction. Seasons: 7 so far Who: Andrew Lincoln What: Zombie post-apocalyptic nightmare which will make you jump our of your skin constantly. Andrew Lincoln plays Sheriff Rick Grimes, who leads a band of human survivors struggling to stay alive and fight off the hungry hordes of undead, and other groups of less-than-friendly survivors.

J.L. Myers – USA Today Bestselling Paranormal Romance & Thriller Author

Best for: Gore lovers - and an intelligent spin on your standard zombie horror In the mood for being scared silly? Humphreys, Jack Absolute , about a charming rogue forced to serve as a spy for the British during the American Revolution; 1 in the Jack Absolute series. Humphreys, The Blooding of Jack Absolute , a coming-of-age story about the son of an unemployed actress and a soldier who leave him in the care of abusive relatives, upon whose death he embarks on a series of hair-raising adventures; 2 in the Jack Absolute series and a prequel to Jack Absolute.

Humphreys, Absolute Honour , about a charming rogue who becomes enamored with an attractive woman involved in a seditious plot; 3 in the Jack Absolute series. Seth Hunter, The Time of Terror , a British naval officer is given the assignment of wrecking the French economy by smuggling French banknotes into Paris in amid the bloody aftermath of the Revolution; 1 in the Captain Nathan Peake series.

Seth Hunter, The Tide of War , a British naval officer newly promoted to captain discovers the previous captain of his ship in the Caribbean was murdered, and must also cope with a dangerous French ship, a seductive woman, and an American agent; 2 in the Captain Nathan Peake series.

Michael Irwin, The Skull and the Nightingale , about a young man who returns to London, where his godfather coerces him into joining the debaucheries of the city's aristocratic underground. Miranda Jarrett, Seduction of an English Beauty , historical romance about an eighteenth century Englishwoman in Rome. Susanna Kearsley, The Firebird , historical romance about a present-day woman capable of sensing an object's history by holding it in her hand, and an eighteenth-century Russian woman connected with Catherine the Great. Susanna Kearsley, A Desperate Fortune , a time-slip story about a present-day woman with Asperger's and a skill with codes, and the Jacobite exile whose year-old diary she is hired to decipher.

Mark Keating, The Pirate Devlin , about the former servant of a British naval officer, who becomes a ruthless pirate; 1 in the Pirate Devlin series. Mark Keating, Hunt for White Gold , about a former servant to a naval officer, now a feared pirate, searching for a secret more valuable than gold: the formula for Chinese porcelain; 2 in the Pirate Devlin series. Mark Keating, Blood Diamond , about a former servant to a naval officer, now a feared pirate, who is asked to assist the fraudulent South Sea Company by stealing a renowned diamond from its owner, a French prince; 3 in the Pirate Devlin series.

Mark Keating, Cross of Fire , about a former servant to a naval officer, now a feared pirate, who is hunting one enemy while being hunted by others in the seas off Africa; 4 in the Pirate Devlin series. Kei, The Sallee Rovers , about a British sailor struggling to come out as gay while surviving storms, battles and other challenges at sea; 1 in the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series; self-published. Kei, Men of Honor , about a British sailor arrested on charges of sodomy and desertion; 2 in the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series; self-published.

Kei, Iron Men , about a gay British sailor trying to rescue his captain from drink as mutiny threatens; 3 in the Pirates of the Narrow Seas series; self-published. Keogh, The Prodigal , about an Englishman who sails to the West Indies to avenge the death of his father by pirates and find his kidnapped mother; 1 in the planned Jack Mallory Chronicles series. Rosalind Laker, The Silver Touch , based on the true story of a woman silversmith in eighteenth century England. Emery Lee, The Highest Stakes , about an orphaned girl, the stableboy who loves her, and horse racing in England and Colonial Virginia.

Ardian Lee is a pen name formerly used by author Julianne Lee. Norah Lofts, Out of this Nettle ; also titled Colin Lowrie , about a young Scottish rebel who must flee after the disastrous battle at Culloden Field. Norah Lofts, Hester Roon , about an orphaned girl who flees into London's underworld after being raped by her employer.


Kelly Long, Arms of Love , about a young Amish man whose sympathies are with the American patriots, and the woman he loves, whose father is jailed as a conscientious objector; 1 in the planned Amish Beginnings series. Charlotte Lovejoy, Madame Bliss , an erotic novel about a beautiful servant girl "ruined" by her master, who then sets out for London determined to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. Rebecca Mascull, Song of the Sea Maid , about a woman raised in an orphanage who gains a scientific education and travels to Portugal where she finds evidence for a theory that anticipates Darwin.

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Van Wyck Mason, Manila Galleon , about George Anson's disastrous voyage around the world in and his eventual capture of the Manila Galleon. Van Wyck Mason, Rascals' Heaven , about James Edward Oglethorpe, the British general who founded the colony of Georgia in , and his plan to take people of good character from debtor's prison and settle them in Georgia.

Maria McCann, Ace, King, Knave , about an aristocratic young woman engaged to a man who may not be what he presents himself to be, and a former prostitute who fears the man who keeps her may be stealing corpses. Review at The Guardian. Katharine McMahon, The Alchemist's Daughter , about the daughter of a Newtonian philosopher who marries for love after becoming pregnant and then rediscovers the value of her father's rational investigations. Katharine McMahon, Season of Light , about a young English woman who travels to Paris before the Revolution and meets a dashing idealist at a literary salon before returning to England where she is under pressure to marry for money.

Elisabeth McNeill, The Heartbreaker , about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the poor shepherdess who, after helping him escape Scotland, struggles to keep herself and her four children alive.